The Benefits of LED T8 Double End Powered Tubes vs Single End Powered Tubes

Compare our Double End Powered LED conversion kits to Single End Powered LED Fluorescent tube light conversion kits. Both will convert your old fluorescent T8 or T12 tubelight but as you will quickly find out below the Double End Powered conversion method is much faster and cost less.

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  Universal Type A+B Double End Powered Kits Single End Powered Kits
Uses Existing Sockets / Tombstones
(unless sockets are bad, brittle, broken, discolored, etc.)
(Type-A tube is used with t8 electronic ballast, Type-B tube by-passes the ballast)
  • Type-A - Works with existing fluorescent T8 electronic ballast where power comes to both ends of the tube
  • Type-B - Works with Double End Powered with no Ballast
  • Type-B - Works with Single End Powered with no Ballast
  • Type-B - Ballast is by-passed and removed
  • Power comes to both ends of the tube
  • Can use existing sockets.
  • Type-B - Ballast is by-passed and removed
  • Power comes to only one end of the tube
  • Sockets must be replaced with non-shunted sockets
Conversion Time Approx.
(your time may vary)
5 Minutes 5 Minutes 20-30 Minutes
Installation Labor Costs 💲 💲 💲💲💲
Works on most T12 & T8 Light Fixtures YES YES YES
Works on U-Bend Fixtures YES YES NO
Works on Multi-Ballast TubeLight Fixtures YES YES NO


If you would like to find out more about the Double End Powered LED Tube conversion we have two videos below 👇 demonstrating how easy it is to convert your old T8 or T12 fluorescent fixture to LED. We highly recommend this method as it will save you time and money over the older single end method. Enjoy 😊

Double End Powered LED T8 or T12 Conversion Videos & Diagrams


  • 5 minute or less fluorescent tube light to LED T8 conversion with our EZ Kit!
  • EZ LED T8 Fluorescent 2-Tube light Conversion in 5 minutes or less by Total Bulk Lighting

Technical Documents

  • EZ LED T8 Wire Diagram


    Basic EZ LED T8 Installation Diagram
    EZ LED T8 LED Installation Diagram