T8 LED Conversion Kits

Choose from EZ Double End Powered Kits or
more time consuming Single End Powered Kits

Not sure if you should choose EZ double end powered kits or single end powered kits?

  1. Let us help you decide
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EZ Double End Powered Kit Videos - installed in about 5 minutes or less

Watch our 2 tube double end powered kit video guide for greater assistance and insights.

Watch our double end powered kit video guide

Single End Powered Kit Video - takes longer, more work

Watch our single end powered kit video guide for greater assistance and insights.

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As you may not know there is no such thing as "free shipping." Shipping is just built into the price. Because of this you will pay a lot more when you order a number of the same item.

We have created a special page, so you can order the kits and pay shipping outside the inclusive price as posted on our website. You will pay the cost to ship it. If you are ordering a number of kits you will realize a substantial savings, up to 50% depending on the quantity.

To get to the "bulk" ordering part of our website for these kits click here. Compare what it costs with “free” shipping verses the actual shipping price.

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