Standard Spiral Bulbs

Total Fluorescent Retrofits offers a great selection of retrofit compact fluorescent spiral lamps in standard size. What's a retrofit? A retrofit is designed to fit into a fixture intended for a different bulb or lamp (as lamps and fixtures were designed to accommodate incandescent bulbs). Of course, we now refer to these bulbs as CFL's. Like the compact fluorescent mini spirals, the standard spiral design allows the bulb to fit most any application. The distinction between the standard and the mini spiral is that the design of the standard spiral allows for higher wattages and light outputs. Energy efficient and very "green" this high quality bulb is made to last for years during normal use.

There are a lot of considerations that need to get weighed in before making a decision on the bulb used for any particular application. Such as, the wattage, lumens, color rendering index (CRI) in conjunction to what is being lit and what fixture is being used.. To find out more about what some these considerations are and what it means to you, check out this blog article. If you think a higher wattage means a brighter bulb, then you certainly need to read the article-you will find it helpful. To find out the lumen output for each bulb, click on the product for more information and scroll down and click on 'additional information'. You'll find all the detailed specs there.

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